Ammo-107 Introduction to Explosives Safety Management for Safety Professionals (4E-F30/645-F14 (MC))

You will receive your Individualized Student Assessment Plan (ISAP) information upon arrival to this class.

Description: This course provides a general overview of ammunition and explosives regulations and practices for members of Army Career Program 12 (Safety and Occupational Health).

Required Equipment: None required.

Length: 4 days

Audience: This course is designed to meet the specific needs of CP-12 interns. It is also generally suitable for personnel from other services who require a foundational understanding of explosives safety regulations and practices.

Prerequisites: Ammo-45-DL (Introduction to Ammunition); Ammo-63-DL (Army Explosives Safety Familiarization); Ammo-78-DL (Ammunition Publications). The prerequisite course class must end on or before the report date of the class for which the student is enrolling. Note: This rule does not apply if the prerequisite course is self-paced training, such as correspondence or web courses.

Security Clearance: None Required

Course Topics: Topics related to standard risk management practices in an ammunition / explosives safety context.

Start DateEnd DateLocationClass #StatusRegistration Availability
12/12/2016 12/15/2016 Ft. Rucker, AL 001 Scheduled Available
03/06/2017 03/09/2017 Ft. Rucker, AL 002 Scheduled Available
05/15/2017 05/18/2017 Ft. Rucker, AL 003 Scheduled Available
06/19/2017 06/22/2017 Ft. Rucker, AL 004 Scheduled Available
07/17/2017 07/20/2017 Ft. Rucker, AL 005 Scheduled Available
08/14/2017 08/17/2017 Ft. Rucker, AL 006 Scheduled Available
09/11/2017 09/14/2017 Ft. Rucker, AL 007 Scheduled Available