Ammo-28-DL Army Electrical Explosives Safety (4E-F33/645-F17)

Ungraded knowledge checks are distributed throughout the content to provide students with immediate feedback about their level of understanding in each topic. Graded multiple choice questions are provided at the end of each course. 75% of these must be answered correctly to complete the course. After three unsuccessful attempts to do so, the course will be marked as unsuccessful.

Description: This course is a certification course in accordance with AR 385-10/DA PAM 385-64. It is designed to teach the design, installation, test, inspection, and maintenance of electrical equipment, static dissipation systems, lightning protection systems, and bonding in explosives facilities. The Army electrical Explosive Safety course provides basic regulatory guidance and familiarization with methods and procedures to correctly inspect, test, document and manage electrical safety aspects that apply to explosives storage and operating facilities. Content includes lightning generation and its effects in regard to personnel, equipment, and structures. Lightning Protection System (LPS) design criteria and requirements, computing zones of protection, requirements for bonding and LPS component specifications are specified. LPS inspection and testing methodology, test equipment operation, and effective record keeping are stressed. LPS inspection and testing methodology, test equipment operation, and effective record keeping are stressed. Both Army guidance and National Fire Protection Association Standards are utilized.

Audience: This course is intended for personnel involved in the design, installation, test, and inspection of electrical services and lightning/grounding systems in hazardous locations on Army installations.

Length: Approximately 12 hours (self-paced learning)

Special Information: This course is provided as a web-based course. Students must have web access, a CAC card, and an AKO account. Students must register through ATRRS for course credit. It is recommended that you have a high-speed Internet connection in order to view the course.

Prerequisites: None.

Course Topics:

  1. Principles of Lightning Protection
  2. Strike Termination Devices
  3. Conductors
  4. Bonding
  5. Ground Systems
  6. Inspection and Testing
  7. Electrical Explosives Safety