Ammo-33 Explosives Safety and Environmental Risk Management (CERT) (9E-F65/920-F33 (MC)) (CERT)

You will receive your Individualized Student Assessment Plan (ISAP) information upon arrival to this class.

Description: This course satisfies mandatory training requirements for the certification of Navy and Marine Corps senior representatives assigned explosives safety responsibilities IAW DoDI 5160.68 and NAVSEA OP 5, Volume 1. This course includes an overview of environmental regulations, as well as technical training in the application of basic explosives principles, the Navy Explosives Safety Program, ammunition storage and compatibility criteria, ammunition security and transportation requirements, explosives accident/incident reporting, explosives safety inspections, and station environmental compliance. This course specifically provides instruction on the legal responsibilities for compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Military Munitions Rule (MR) for the proper environmental management of waste military munitions at the federal level.

Length: 2 Days

Audience: Navy Commanding Officers/Officers-in-Charge (COs/OICs), Executive Officers, Marine Corps Supply Battalion Commanders, COS/G-4/G-4A, FSSG, and MCB, Logistics Directors for MCAS, Station COIs/OICs, and/or senior civilians with explosives safety responsibilities as prescribed by DoDI 5160.68 and NAVSEA OP 5, Volume 1.

Prerequisites: Completion of 9E-F67/920-F35 (DL), INTRODUCTION TO AMMUNITION, offered by the Defense Ammunition Center (DAC) via distance learning (DL) is highly recommended.

Navy Course Identification Number (CIN): A-4E-3002

Course Data Processing Code (CDP): 02RJ

Security Clearance: None required.

Course Topics:

  1. Basic Explosives Principles
  2. Explosives Safety Programs
  3. Risk Management Assessment
  4. Ammunition Storage and Compatibility
  5. Ammunition Security
  6. Ammunition Transportation
  7. Explosives Mishaps
  8. Daily Ammunition Evolutions
  9. Environmental Compliance
  10. Explosives Safety Inspections

Availability: This course is considered certification training; required completion is one-time only.  Personnel who have completed the shore Station Command Seminar Program or the Shore Station Senior Leadership (SSSL) course after March 4, 1999, and have received a certificate for the AMMO-33 course, have met the certification requirement.

If you are affiliated with the Navy or Marine Corps, request quotas via the NAVY Training Page of this website.  For all other students, admission to a course is by nomination from the prospective student's command.  If the nominating command has access to ATRRS, the submission must be made via ATRRS.

NOTE:  This course is rated FD3 and is not available to International Military Students.

The IACET Standard:  DAC has been approved by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) as an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  In obtaining this accreditation, the Defense Ammunition Center has demonstrated that it complies with the ANSI/IACET Standard which is recognized internationally as a standard of good practice. The DAC awards 1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) on the course certificate for successful completion of this course.


Class Offerings:

Start DateEnd DateLocationClass #StatusCheck Availability
12/13/2022 12/14/2022 San Diego, CA 701 Scheduled Availability
06/27/2023 06/28/2023 Norfolk, VA 706 Scheduled Availability